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Barking up the right tree

W OOF! is an independent family run business. We are a specialist supplier of exclusively dry, ready to burn wood fuel including; kiln dried logs, eco-fuel logs, wood pellets, charcoal, kindling and natural firelighters. We are unique in having the widest selection of natural, sustainable and renewable non-fossil based solid fuels for domestic heating, all under one roof. All of our wood fuel is 100% natural and sustainable, with no artificial chemicals or synthetic binders.


Stove thermometerDiscovery Pallet

Try them all and decide which is best for your stove

Blazers Fuel Logs, Hardwood Briquettes, Verdo Briquettes, Shredded Heat Bark logs, Wood Coal, Kiln-Dried Logs, kiln dried kindling and Fire Magic.
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Stove thermometerStove Thermometer

Be informed and stay safe!

Avoid damage to your stove and flue caused by over-heating, optimise the heat output for comfort and fuel consumption.
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WoodMiser fuel saverWoodMiser®

Saving 33% of your firewood

WoodMiser® is a simple but effective fuel saving device that I have found is particularly effective when burning wood briquettes, eco fuel logs, heat logs and kiln dried logs in multi-fuel stoves.
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Eco Fuel Logs

Heatabix logsThese wood briquettes are clean, easy to handle and stack, are very dry and burn at high temperatures. We stock a range of the best eco logs, each with it's own benefits to suit your burning requirements.

Phoenix Electronic Firelighter

Esse Outdoor OvenThis is a great product and it works quite unbelievably by blowing super heated hot air on to your fuel and it just lights the fire, normally within two minutes. But the other benefit of this device is that whilst lighting the fuel, the hot air also pre-heats your chimney flue which solves the common problem of poor draft caused by a cold flu.

It costs 1p or less per fire!

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Kiln dried Hardwood logs

Kiln Dried Logs

We supply high quality hardwood logs that have been dried in a kiln to produce firewood that is easy to light and burns with extra heat.


Woodcoal Briketts

Woodcoal BrikettsWoodcoal Briketts are a uniquely longer-burning solid fuel for wood burning stoves, and will burn overnight. Ideal to burn on its own or with wood briquettes and normal logs to make the fire last longer.

Kindling and Fire Lighting

Kiln Dried KindlingAn age old product essential for starting a really good fire, combined with our natural fire lighters makes setting the stove a straightforward and simple task.

Stove and Flue Care

Befor and after cleaningIt's vital that we keep our stoves and flues clean in order to maintain efficiency and safety. We know that having the flue swept at least once a year by a professional chimney sweep is essential, but these products help to keep the dangerous residues to a minimum all year round.

Wood Pellets

We only sell 6mm bagged wood pellets that meet the new European wood pellet standard known as EN Plus. Within the quality scheme we only supply Grade A1 premium wood pellets.

BSL logoBiomass Suppliers List number

  • WOOF! Wood Fuels Ltd Biomass Suppliers List number is: BSL0047351-0001
  • Our BSL (Biomass Suppliers List) Number is now displayed on all invoices
  • All Pellets are UK EN Plus A1 and FSC compliant
  • Free quarterly report for RHI payments
  • Full batch product trace-ability from forest to boiler